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EFFRA Innovation Portal


From the start of the Factories of the Future PPP (FoF PPP), EFFRA deployed the ‘EFFRA Innovation Portal’ in cooperation with the European Commission.


The main goal of the EFFRA Innovation Portal is to provide an online resource for sharing information about research and innovation projects and associated project results and demonstratrors in the area of manufacturing. 

Even though most content is currently available without login, allowing any user to discover the content of projects and associated results and organisations, with an account you will be able to:

  • edit your own user profile and decide if you want it to be visible in the users' section
  • obtain editing permissions on your organization's page
  • create project ideas
  • edit your projects on the portal (if this is agreed with the project coordinator)


The EFFRA Innovation Portal features all Factories of the Future PPP and Made in Europe Partnership projects, but also includes other projects.


Guidance on to how to provide content to the EFFRA Innovation Portal is available here.  It is primarily intended for project coordinators and project participants that support communications and information sharing.


If you would like to promote your project and its results and demonstrators on the Portal, then please contact us


Please note that on this page you can find video tutorials that cover different aspects of the use of the EFFRA Innovation Portal.