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News functionality on the EFFRA Innovation Portal

Registered users of the EFFRA Innovation Portal can follow projects and receive personalised weekly digest mails that include the twitter feeds and news posts from the projects they follow:



We therefore strongly encourage the projects' dissemination managers  to integrate your project’s twitter account on the portal to gain more visibility.  Also, you can post News.


To add the twitter feed, please see below:

  • Go to your project page
  • Click on Edit/publish or unpublish
  • Fill in the twitter handle of the projects twitter account  (this is what follows '' in the url of the project's Twitter profile page, so without the '@' - for instance 'c_factories' is the twitter handle of the ConnectedFactories project - see
  • Click on ’Enable Twitter feed’


See the image below:


Besides, it is possible to share news regarding your project (for example newsletters, events, webinars, results), this functionality will be an opportunity to share the latest updates regarding your projects and lead interested stakeholders to your own project media.


Please see below how to add news:

-         Go to your project page

-         Click “go to project forum” under the latest news icon.

-         Click on “add a news” type the news and save it.


See the image below:



The tweets and the news will be visible on the Portal dashboard and on your project page.


Should you have questions please let us know at (info @